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Hi! I'm Charlotte, an 18-year-old Dane who just finished high school.

I've always loved to travel, and have decided to put life at home on a hold and go traveling around the world for the next 3+ years, hopefully, in the process, learning more about myself, my surroundings and the people I meet on my way.

Adventures in Montpellier part 5: the last update in confinement!

So this is going to be an ultra short update, because honestly nothing has really happened these last three weeks. The days and weeks have gone by surprisingly quickly in confinement and I’ve been working harder than ever to learn French. With all the hours spent on courses and homework, I really haven’t had much time to feel bored.

Our little French family has continued our routine of eating lunch and dinner together and speaking a lot of French. We continue having fun, while I continue getting better in French.

And Madeleine is still giving me an hour of French over Zoom every afternoon, which has really really helped me a lot and I'm so grateful for. I think I'm driving her slightly mad with all my questions, but she's taking it in stride and we're having fun.

One Sunday the two neighbouring couples came for an aperitif on our terrace, while we went to one of their houses the next Sunday. It was a great exercise in French, although difficult, and I definitely understood and said much more the second Sunday. And just going a couple of meters down the street and talking a little with someone outside our household felt like an adventure.

One Sunday we had a lovely picnic in the garden and it felt like we’d actually gone on a trip somewhere.

I’ve kept up my routine of going for a run every third day and then resting on my little trunk in the water before walking home.

I’ve been facetiming with friends and family a lot, which have been great, and mentally everything has been much much easier these past three weeks. By now I’ve gotten used to the confinement I think, and it definitely helps that I’ve been able to see the end of it.

Picture: we played guess the drawing on FaceTime for our wine evening

My nightmares have been gone for over a week and since I started sleeping with the window open I’ve fallen asleep much easier. I had a bit of a crisis for a while about my future and my non-existent plans for it, but after having reread my diary entries from Asia and gone through all my photos from my trips, I’ve been reminded of how carefree and happy I felt then. And I’ve been finding more and more of that excitement and trust in my future again, which has made this whole situation so much better.

And now it’s the weekend before the reopening starts. We’ve actually made it through two months and a week of complete lockdown. On Monday we’ll be able to go 100 km away from our home without a document, we’ll be able to see 10 people, the youngest will be able to go back to school and some shops will start to open again. What a different world it’ll be! Of course it does still mean that Ben and Eric might not be able to visit their children and grandchildren that live far away, but I’m crossing my fingers that they’ll be allowed through. For me the news are a bit more positive, since it means that I can now visit Madeleine who lives about an hour away from here. She’s very kindly picking me up on Tuesday, so I don’t have to take the bus just yet and I’m so excited to see her again. And on Monday I might even go for a walk with Julia! Unfortunately, I’ve given up on the school opening again any time soon, but I’ve been expecting it for a while, and now I’m instead focusing on finding a good workaway for June or July. There’s still a lot to learn and a lot to experience. And then I just have to wait and see what the world looks like at the start of next year and plan from there. There’s really no reason to waste energy on it now, when I can do nothing about it anyway.

Ps I can now successfully recite the whole of ‘le corbeau et le renard’ from ‘les Fables de la Fontaine’ from 1668. So that’s a skill that I’ll likely get a lot out of.

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