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Hi! I'm Charlotte, an 18-year-old Dane who just finished high school.

I've always loved to travel, and have decided to put life at home on a hold and go traveling around the world for the next 3+ years, hopefully, in the process, learning more about myself, my surroundings and the people I meet on my way.

Interrail Diaries day 15: Florence

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

Boungiorno! I think I might soon be fluent in Italian after all these days in Italy! We woke up around 8.20 today and went to the 7th floor of hotel della Signoria to eat the breakfast that Anne Mette had included in our stay. They were really sweet there and they served a variety of foods (even soy cappuccino!) and so I had no problem - although I did sneak my vegan cheese inside with me: might as well use it now that I’ve got it.

After breakfast, we walked to the Gallery of the Academy of Florence, where we only had to queue for a little while before getting inside and buying reduced tickets (only 4€).

We of course started with David by Michelangelo - well, we actually started with the toilet and passed David on our way there, but who cares about details? - and he was even more impressive in person, especially since there really weren’t a lot of tourists, so we could actually admire him up close.

The rest of the rather small museum didn’t disappoint either with an interesting music department and an incredible room full of plaster sculptures many of which I found just as interesting as David.

Afterward we went to the police station so Zuzanna could report her wallet missing, while I sat in the waiting area drawing awful drawings on my phone as I had no internet (the internet is terrible in Florence in general).

These were truly my best tries:

After a solid 20 minutes we made our way back into the inner city where we paid Loggia dei Lanzie (the outdoor sculpture museum) another visit,

before walking further until we reached café Brac, a vegetarian cafe and restaurant that is also a bookshop. It was a very cool place and the food was great.

After lunch we headed to the Uffizi Gallery, where we queued for about an hour before being let in. At first the gallery was just A LOT of religious paintings - I don’t think I can look at a ”Madonna and Child” painting ever again after having seen about 10.000 versions of them today alone.

There were a lot of stunning and famous sculptures as well, though, which I really enjoyed, and when we started exploring the 1st floor (having started on the 2nd), we found a lot of really interesting artworks.

Sidenote: I learned something truly mindblowing today. Hermes and Aphrodite had a child together, the statue on the picture, who was born both man and woman. And that is why it’s called a hermaphrodite.

Both the 1st and 2nd floor held art by artists such as Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raffaello, Bernini, Botticelli and many more. But the one painting that we had really been looking forward to seeing, the birth of Venus by Botticelli, was nowhere to be found. So we asked an employee when we had gone through the entire museum. She conveniently told us that it was in a room at the very start of the 2nd floor. Which meant that we had to walk through the entire 1st and 2nd floor again to get to it. It was incredible by the way, as surreal an experience as seeing David ourselves.

And then to get out of the museum we had to walk through the entire 2nd floor again, take the elevator to the 1st floor (because I needed to get my backpack from their luggage drop-off), then walk through the entire 1st floor again to finally get to the exit. So we actually walked through the entire gallery three times in total, which was enough for both of us. We walked for a little while to get to a bakery that allegedly sold vegan pastries, but turned out not to, so instead Zuzanna bought gelato (which I had gotten a little tired of) and we walked back to the apartment, the time already past 5 pm. On our way there we got side tracked by an incredible street artist that had gathered a crowd of maybe 80 people, while a little girl kept dancing in front of him.

In the apartment we watched some crappy TV for a while before heading to il Vegano, a vegan bistro, where we decided to get takeaway lasagne (and I bought a vegan croissant for breakfast the next day) to take back to the apartment.

We ate our incredible lasagne in front of the TV watching probably the worst movie I have ever seen in my entire life "autumn in New York" before heading to bed.

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