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Hi! I'm Charlotte, an 18-year-old Dane who just finished high school.

I've always loved to travel, and have decided to put life at home on a hold and go traveling around the world for the next 3+ years, hopefully, in the process, learning more about myself, my surroundings and the people I meet on my way.

Interrail Diaries day 2: Prague

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

We woke up bright and early on our first official day of interrailing, to make our way down to the old town square before any of the other tourists had gotten out of bed. Without the hoards of tourists we had heard so much about, the town square was a beautiful sight and although the astronomical clock wasn’t working, just walking around the old town (and later the new) seemed to be the best (and cheapest) way to get to know the city.

Unfortunately being up so early meant that hardly any of the cafes were open yet. Burrito Loco was though, and the tiny inexpensive Mexican place served an amazing vegan burrito, which we ended up enjoying in a nearby park before heading back to the hostel to check in at 10 o’clock (as the owner had gone home before we reached it the night prior).

We took the Metro Line A to Malostranská and walked up the really long stairway to reach Prague Castle. First of all the view was breathtaking:

second of all the castle grounds were really not handicap friendly as I once again had to conquer a staircase to reach the castle square - here I am very proud to have made it all the way up all those stairs.

We explored St. Vitus cathedral, the old castle and the basilica, while taking plenty of breaks in between to rest and letting Zuzanna do the staircase-conquering.

Before making our way down toward the Charles Bridge we took a stroll down the golden lane - likely the cutest alley I’ve ever seen -, I even had to duck to get through most of the doors.

We continued down to the Charles Bridge and even further to the John Lennon wall, because have you really been in Prague if you haven’t posed in front of the John Lennon wall? Here we are, trying to pose like the other tourists.

We walked back to the Charles Bridge determined to grab lunch at the vegan bistro Forky’s. In the meantime though, we discovered that the single most touristy food in Prague was sold in a vegan edition close by, so we turned around and went to creperie U kajetana instead where we bought vegan trdelník - also known as chimney cakes -, which besides being very touristy and not very traditional or local, actually tasted really good and turned out to be surprisingly filling.

Afterwards we walked through Kampa Park before finally making it across the Charles Bridge, where we took lots of photos along the way.

We explored the old and new part of Prague before settling on a place to eat - a wonderful little vegetarian restaurant called Estrella with one very delicious vegan option.

Because we had eaten so early due to the bad decision of substituting lunch for a trdelník our original plan of going to a jazz club after dinner kind of didn’t work, so we made a pit stop at a cafe for coffee and tea, before heading towards ’at the old lady jazz club’, where we, as the only guests, sat down for cocktails and 40 min later listened to a live jazz band, who among other compositions played an original song to the saxophonist’s daughter that we believed could have been called any of the following: ’my little goat/toad/load or note’ (I personally hope that the last option is the right one).

And although I knew nothing about jazz and always thought that it all sounded the same, the more that I listened to it, the more I started to understand why some people love it so much. I started noticing the different emotions behind each composition and the music became a strange mix of relaxing and exciting. Of course I’m no jazz fanatic, but I did really enjoy the experience way more than I thought I would. And when we made our way back to the hostel it felt like we had been in Prague for days, not just hours.

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