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Hi! I'm Charlotte, an 18-year-old Dane who just finished high school.

I've always loved to travel, and have decided to put life at home on a hold and go traveling around the world for the next 3+ years, hopefully, in the process, learning more about myself, my surroundings and the people I meet on my way.

Interrail Diaries day 3: Prague

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

The good thing about hostels is that they are cheap. The bad thing is that you have to take other people’s comfort into account. Which means that if everyone else is sleeping in your dorm you can’t just start to noisily pack your bags.

So Saturday morning we didn’t get out until 8.30 o'clock, partly because it was pouring down outside and partly because everyone was sleeping.

But when we finally did wave goodbye to Prague hostel Na Smetance - that had honestly seemed more like a flat with some bunk beds in it - we made our way to the vegan cafe Moment where we ate a delicious breakfast before heading towards the train station to drop off our luggage.

From the station, we walked to Copy General to print our seat reservations - here Zuzanna is, proudly holding up the printed reservation:

Afterward we got lost for a little while due to my extremely poor navigation skills before finding the Charles Bridge, and from there walking to the old Jewish cemetery where we wandered around the area for a bit (once again getting lost) before taking the metro line A to Flora to eat lunch at an incredible vegan and zero waste restaurant called Incruenti (I swear it tasted better than it looks).

Taking the metro back to the old town we wandered aimlessly around for a bit before deciding on trying out the optical illusion museum, which was great fun, but a bit pricey. Here we took these great photos:

Afterward, we headed toward the Charles Bridge for the gazillionth time - this time around we managed not to get lost on the way - where we found the absolutely hidden gem that the Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace turned out to be.

While the street was flooded with tourists, the palace - which cost an entrance fee of mere 60 Czk - was three stories tall consisting of:

  1. A political and poetic exhibit by Iranian-American artist Shadi Harouni called ’I Dream the Mountain is Still Whole’

  2. A modern art exhibit by Markéta Hlinovská called ’Fur in the City’

  3. A story that shows the incredible historical interiors of the Palace in a Baroque style

And there was exactly one other couple in the entire building, and the team of workers didn’t seem to know a word of English - it truly was worth the visit.

We still had time to spare before dinner, so we made our way to the dancing house two bridges down, snapping some pictures in front of the peculiar building, before heading back.

One the way back though we spontaneously decided to stop at a photography exhibition by Adolf Zika, photos all of which were both fascinating and raw.

We discussed the intention behind the photos all the way to Forky’s - the vegan restaurant where we both got amazing cheeseburgers with fries, although I wanted to order one of each item on the menu.

At 21.30 we were once again by the Charles Bridge, as we had bought tickets earlier the same day to the black lights theater performance ’Aspects of Alice’ in Ta Fantastika black lights theater. I think buying those tickets were probably the best decision we took on the whole Prague trip. The play used old Prague as the backdrop for the magical worlds that the author sets up for a sick girl named Alice to take her mind off of what is inevitability coming.

While the first half of the play took us to a magical wonderland of flying girls, floating musical hands, dancing giants, actually nice clowns and much more that made it impossible not to laugh if wonder, the second half of the play had the sadder and more serious (but just as imaginative) emotions that the first part lagged, as poetic and beautiful scenes symbolizes Alice’s dreams of becoming a woman, falling in love, getting married, having children and growing old while she is only getting sicker. And the two parts if the play thereby beautifully balanced each other out.

Directly afterward we slowly made our way to the train station to catch the night train to Bratislava. And in the dark Prague looked more like a fairy tale city than ever before.

And as we walked through the city one last time we, of course, couldn't leave without paying one last visit to Zuzanna’s favorite place in Prague: Copy General.

When we reached the train station this time around, the platform luckily didn’t suddenly change, there were no vomiting babies onboard and the train was only slightly late - a complete success if you ask me. And although the reclining seats were not in the least reclinable, we were in a compartment with three other young girls and could sit someway comfortably, the bumpeling of the train at times lulling me into a light sleep.

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