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Hi! I'm Charlotte, an 18-year-old Dane who just finished high school.

I've always loved to travel, and have decided to put life at home on a hold and go traveling around the world for the next 3+ years, hopefully, in the process, learning more about myself, my surroundings and the people I meet on my way.

Interrail Diaries day 8: Vienna

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

Guten Morgen from Vienna! We woke up early to get the most out of our 24-hour ticket (that would expire at 11.47), packed our bags and left them in the luggage room of the hostel. Then we walked to Grains just across the road, which opened at 7.30 (finally something that opens before 9!), where we ate a comforting vegan breakfast (that changed every week) and talked with the owner for a little while about why she decided to open the tiny place.

We took the metro to Schönbrunn Castle where we bought an imperial ticket to 22 rooms with audio guide (at a reduced price because of our age!), and proceeded to walk through the castle, learning about the incredible rooms and the people who occupied them. The decorations put most other castle to shame, and we wandered around for awhile there. Unfortunately taking pictures were prohibited, but when we got outside again and walked through the garden, we did take a lot.

Taking the metro back to the hostel we picked up our bags, waved goodbye to the really cool hostel (probably my favourite out of the ones we had stayed at so far) and took the metro to the main train station. We put our bags in a locker, and headed towards the tram, intending to use it one last time to get to lunch. The tram ended up coming late though, and so our tickets expired and we walked instead. But everything turned out fine when we reached asian vegan buffet restaurant, Vegetasia, half an hour later. The food was amazing (especially considering it was a buffet), and of course since it was a buffet, we ate a lot.

And an hour later with bursting stomachs, we were ready to walk back to the Belvedere Castle now satisfied and energetic. We bought our free (!) tickets to the Belvedere art museum, where the biggest collection of Gustav Klimt in the world is exhibited. The museum turned out to be a lot more than ”just” Gustav Klimt though, as it had almost every genre of art imaginable: expressionism, impressionism, Baroque, surrealism, romanticism, Biedermeier, succesionism and more, as well as unique crossovers between the different genres. I got everything I had wanted from the Succesion the day prior and even more.

We even walked down to the lower Belvedere, where we saw some of the castle rooms and an orangery, before relaxing in the sun in the garden for awhile.

Because we started out so early in the morning it was still only around 4 pm (while our train left at 9.30 pm) when we had finished everything we had planned to do the previous evening. So we did the only logical thing to do, when you don’t know what to do: we got ice cream. We walked a little while to get to Veganista Ice Cream, an all vegan ice cream store. As you can see, we were very happy with our decision.

Afterward, we walked to a nearby park, where we once again just sat around, relaxing and enjoying the warm weather, before slowly making our way back to the train station. At the train station we went grocery shopping for breakfast, and went to Cohen’s Smartfood, where we ate dinner.

After dinner we once again had too much time on hand, so we decided to explore the shops at the station for a while before finally just settling down to wait for the train.

Once on the train we found our seats in the compartment we shared with three young guys and an old woman. Let’s see how the trip turns out.

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